Plasma Gasification Process (PGP).

Giro intends to introduce the PGP technology throughout Australia.

Plasma the “fourth state of matter”—is an intriguing prospect in itself. Essentially, the Plasma Gasification Process (also known as plasma arc gasification) works by creating an electrical arc between two electrodes spaced apart. Pressurized inert gas is passed through the arc and diverted to a sealed container of garbage. Temperatures inside the container can reach 8000°C within the arc column.

At such high temperatures, matter is literally broken down into its basic elemental forms in an inert gaseous state, and that synthetic gas—commonly called “syngas”—is harvested for uses similar to natural gas, such as running turbines in an electric power station, or uses similar to hydrogen gas, such as running fuel cells. Syngas can even be further refined into liquid fuels that can potentially run vehicles. Using the Plasma Gasification System, there is approximately a 99 percent conversion from solid-state waste to syngas. The remaining one percent of solid waste left behind by inorganic materials—termed “slag”—can be further refined, but at cost of course. For every 1,500 tons of waste, PGP can generate approximately 60-megawatts energy equivalent.

The syngas created by PGP can be reintroduced into the overall system as the energy supply that runs the plant, powering everything from the plasma torches to the conveyance system that feeds the waste. Thus, creating an energy efficient loop that effectively minimizes landfill and doesn’t release toxic gases. The process is even hailed for its ability to break down difficult to process and hazardous materials like batteries and medical waste.


Plasma Gasification - Waste to energy
Plasma technology has unique properties that enable it to generate extreme temperatures, (up to 8000 C).

When waste is exposed to these extremely high temperatures in a Gasifier (an oxygen-starved environment) gasification occurs, the process of braking down a material’s molecular structure into its most basic form – a gas.




Plasma Gasification - waste to energy process